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Undead Huntress Pt. 4

Bibi Prog 2.png

I’m establishing the base colors again. This time, I’m using nothing but grouping.

I started out selecting an outline of the linework. Because I went through and emboldened the lines, getting the entire outline at once was relatively painless. After filling that in a solid color (I chose a light blue), I locked the transparency layer. It’s a trick that I learned from my last tutorial. Every separate color is on its own layer for individual parts of the character’s armor, and where the colors meet the outline makes it super easy to fill. It’s where the colors meet one another that requires a bit more attention to detail.

Warcraft – Undead Huntress Pt. 2

I decided I wanted to redo the lineart of the the Undead Huntress I’ve been working on.  After I did the lineart of the character from the rear perspective while playing with Picarto, I thought it was a good chance to revisit both sets of lines for further refinement. I’m glad I took the time to do so.

Bibi Prog 2


I created a bold outline on the character as well. This should make certain aspects of adding color a lot easier. I anticipate that I’ll be taking an outline of the character, filling it with a solid color, and locking transparency on its layer so I have just the character’s contours to worry about with colors.

I made the outline bold around the pauldron closest to the viewer and the outline of the tabard. Helps break things up. I decided not to bold the outline of the plates on her bracers, though. For some reason, a more sheer outline seemed better for smooth surfaces like that.

Once I actually got to the darker lines, took me maybe 2-3 hours to complete.

Larger Image: Imgur

Edit: I’ll need to redo the straps on her thigh pouches/plates. That is a bag that cannot be opened.